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A Hundred Thousand Welcomes!


 The Coelings; The Kyle Clan;The Gwyr  y Gogledd; The Men of the North;


 Twas in that place o’ Scotland isle, That bears the name o’ auld King Coil -- The Twa Dogs, Robert Burns



The Kyle Family Society welcomes membership from Kyles of name or blood, related names, related families and from those wishing to support our society. The Society is a non-profit corporation organized in California, USA. All participants donate their time and money without remuneration. JOIN



There are a number of accounts as to the history of the name and it is likely that different branches have different derivations. This Society is focused on Kyles of Scots or Scots/Irish decent, most of whom probably trace their lineage back to the Kyle Districts of Ayrshire in Southwest Scotland --- often with a stay of generations in Ireland.  According to local tradition in Kyle, the district name derives from the ancient King Coil, popularly known as Old King Cole.  For more discussion see History and Old King Cole.



 Chief Fergus Hort Day MacDowall of Garthland




There appear to be two main variations in pronunciations. In North America and Australia the common pronunciation rhymes with “style.” In the UK/Ireland a secondary pronunciation could rhyme with “coil.” Another variation of Coil might be Cole rhyming with “soul.” Other local variations also occurred.


The spelling variations might include:  Cael, Caeles, Caelus, Caelius, Cill, Cil, Coales, Coales, Coel, Coelius, Cole, Cola, Coil, Coile, Coils, Coilius, Colees, Coles, Coleye, Colles, Collye, Colye,  Cooals, Cooils, Cooles, Cooyles, Cooyell, Cooylles, Coull, Coyl, Coyles, Coyll, Coylle, Coylles, Coyls, Cyll, Kaal, Kaale, Kail, Kaile, Kaul, Kayle, Kayll, Keil, Kile, Koil, Koile, Koiles, Koill, Koyel, Koyl, Kuyle, Kyolle, Kyle, Kyll, Kylle and others. The spelling "Kyle" is used for simplicity to refer to all variations.


"Since 1740 John Kyle or Kyll in the town records of Londonderry and Windham, Rockingham, New Hampshire.  He is my ancestor who came to the United States.  These are the different spellings of just his descendants:  Kyle,Kyll,Kile,Koyl,Koyle,Coyle These are the ones I know about. That is Both the United States and Canada from the East to West Coasts."  Ardell Koyle   


Illustration of an early Kyle Arms from "A Partial History of the Kyle, Kile, Coyle Family In America"

Heraldic Meaning of Candle: "Light, Life, Spirituality"



"Does the flame burn brighter in your hand than it burned in the hand of your father when he said: 'It’s your turn?" -- The Flame Lyrics

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