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Join the Kyle Family Society




 The Kyle Family Society welcomes membership from Kyles of name or blood, related names, related families and from those wishing to support our Society.


All participants, Officers and Commissioners donate their time and money without remuneration. The Society is a non-profit corporation organized in California, USA.


Families or Clans are only made up of the individuals that constitute them. By joining the Kyle Family Society you can help to create it:


Membership Fees

Regular Family Membership, One Time Lifetime Fee:  $10.00 USD   (5 GBP)

Leading Members, Suggested Donation: $50.00 USD annually     (25 GBP)

Patron Members: Donations of over $50 are gratefully accepted.



Please make Checks payable to the “Kyle Family Society Inc.” and mail to :


Kyle Family Society Inc
Attn: Mr. Kent Kyle, Treasurer
3053 Fillmore St #118
SF CA 94123



You will get a welcome letter by return mail after joining.


Members are regularly updated by email as to the projects and events of the Society.


Those who wish to organize local activities of the Kyle Family/Clan are very much encouraged to become a local Commissioner or "Carry the Candles"  in your own fashion.  Please contact the Society to discuss your ideas.


The Goals of the Family Society are:


1.      Educating members and the community at large to the enduring cultural heritage of Scotland and the Kyle Family.

2.      Cooperation in genealogical and historical research.

3.      Conducting other activities normal to a living Clan or Family Society.