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Notable Kyles, Notable Stories

If you have a notable ancestor – or have a notable story about your ancestor, we’d like to publish it here.

Editor: Joseph Kyle


Air Chief Marshal Sir Wallace Kyle

  • COILUS, 53rd King of the Britons, descendant of Brutus the 1st king of the Britons, according to Nennius an area of Scotland named after him.
  • COILUS’s son Lucius, the 54th King of the Britons, was the fist Christian king, he died in 156 AD
  • COEL was the 59th King of the Britons, his daughter was St. Helena and his grandson was the 61st King of Briton, Constantine I, the famous Emperor of Rome who legalized the Christian Religion. The nursery rhyme possibly composed about this Coelius.
  • HUGH COELLIUS the Great was a Commander in-Chief and his brother his assistant in the First Crusade (source: oral tradition of Jackson-Kyle Family)
  • In 1424 "WALTER OF KYLE" entered into the records as having been granted a document, which would guarantee his safe conduct into England ( safe conduct passes were rare and only for very respected persons). 
  • In 1498 SIR WILLIAM COLVILLE had his dependents received an exemption from jurisdiction by the Sheriff of Ayr.
  •  In Edinburgh, 100 years after it became the Capitol City of Scotland, GEORGE KYLE was elected a Member of Parliament 1637.
  • 1637, in a place called Irvine, JOHN and THOMAS KILE were also members of Parliament.
  • King James gave Sir William (KYLE) a belt of land in Tyrone County Ireland where he moved with his family from Scotland around 1606
  • The brothers ROBERT KYLE, JAMES KYLE and WILLIAM KYLE fought under Oliver Cromwell beginning August of 1640 to uphold Protestantism in Ireland, against Owen Roe O'Neill, a nephew of Hugh O'Neill, and commander of a hundred officers from Catholic King Charles I of Spain, and their invasion of Ireland.   As a reward they were awarded grants of land in Derry, Tyrone and nearby counties in Ulster located in Northern Ireland around 1649. 
  • They are in the Hearth Money Rolls of counties Derry and Antrim and as KYLLE in those of Co. Tyrone (1663-1669); many KYLES appeared in the wills records for the diocese of Derry from 1664 onwards and a smaller number in those of Raphoe, Clogher and also Dublin.
  • LORD COLVILLE was still listed in Colville in 1651
  • One of the KYLE’s was a notable cooper in Edinburgh in 1662 (a cooper was a highly skilled craftsman making water tight barrels out of hand carved wooden staves).
  • HENRY KYLE is listed in the parish of Killenawle in the Tipperary Hearth Money Rolls of 1666.
  • Protestant (C of E) DR. SAMUEL MOORE KYLE (1770-1848) provost of Trinity College, Dublin, from 1820 to 1831, when he became BISHOP OF CORK AND ROSS and member of the House of Lords. His son SAMUEL KYLE later became Arch-deacon of Cork. The General armory of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales first published in 1842, lists REVEREND SAMUEL KYLE, D. D. BISHOP OF CORK, whose family was long seated at KYLE, N.B. 
  • A branch of the family became established in the United States early in the eighteenth century: SAMUEL KYLE  settled in Pennsylvania in 1738 and his grandson JAMES HENDERSON KYLE (1854-1902), was an American Senator of note (see below).
  • One of the Churches in Northern Ireland has a monument to a KYLE with the "Cross and an Urn" on it, which was the usual symbol indicating a crusader in search of the Holy Grail (supports HUGH COELLIUS mentioned above).  In 1759 a monument was erected in the wall of Castleberg Church located in Tyrone County, Mournebeg Ireland carved in stone dedicated by JOHN KYLE to his brother ROBERT KYLE that included the words "Mournebeg House" and the KYLE Coat of Arms.
  • CLAIBORNE KYLE(1800-1867). Claiborne Kyle, early Texas politician and settler of Mountain City, Hays County, was born on August 8, 1800, in Hawkins County, Tennessee, the son of Maj. John William and Rebecca (Young) Kyle. a member of the Travis County District Court grand jury in 1849. In November 1850 he served on the first grand jury of Hays County and as county treasurer. He also served in the fifth Texas Senate (1853-54) and in the Texas House of Representatives during the Civil War.
  • WILLIAM JEFFERSON KYLE (1803-1864). William Jefferson Kyle, a prominent planter in Brazoria and Fort Bend counties. He had over 100 bondsmen and was one of the largest slaveholders in Texas (75 in 1860), was born on November 11 or November 20, 1803, in Hawkins County, Tennessee. He owned and operated Oakland Plantation at Sugar Land and continued the raw sugar mill and grew sugarcane and other crops on over 600 acres until his death.
  • FERGUS KYLE (1834-1906). Fergus Kyle, politician and founder of Kyle, Texas, the son of early settlers of Hays County, Lucy (Bugg) and Claiborne Kyle, was born on September 6, 1834, in Hinds County, Mississippi. He was elected to the House of Representatives for the Twelfth Texas Legislature (1870-71) FERGUS continued his political career as sergeant-at-arms of the Texas Senate from 1881 to 1884. He returned to the House in 1901 and cosponsored the Alamo purchase bill of 1905, which saved the Texas shrine. He was, in his third term, the oldest member of the legislature when he died on May 19, 1906. In 1880 Kyle, Texas, was named in his honor and Town lots were auctioned under a historic Texas tree, the Kyle Auction Oak. 
  • Ian KYLE Paisely (Irish Politician and Minister) middle name was "Kyle" (thought to have been his mother’s maiden name)
  • JOHN CURRIS KYLE (b. 1851) of Mississippi USA– Lawyer, State Senator and Congressman.
  • JAMES HENDERSON KYLE (1854-1902) of Ohio USA, and South Dakota, educator, civil engineer, clergyman and US Senator. Father of Labor Day - notable and salutary congressional act proposed and accomplished by Senator Kyle, the designation of Labor Day and making it a national holiday. James Henderson Kyle was born at Cedarville, near Xenia, Greene county, Ohio, February 24, 1854, James Henderson Kyle was born at Cedarville, near Xenia, Greene county, was the second of a family of six children- three brothers and three sisters, died July 1, 1901. When seven years of age moved with his father to the then territory of Kentucky. When it was admitted as a slave state they returned to the Senator's birthplace and near where his father was born. The father served as a Union soldier and officer in the Civil war, and in the fall of 1865 with his family moved to Urbana, Champaign County, Illinois. The influencing reason for the selection of this home was on account of the proposed location of the State University, affording an opportunity for the education of his children. The Senator's grandfather was born in Pennsylvania in 1773 of parents who came from Scotland to this country in a very early day. The Senator's great-grandfather, with six brothers, served their country during the Revolutionary war. His mother, Jane Henderson, was born in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, May 30, 1829, of parents who came from the north part of Ireland.
    This entire biography appears on pages 612-614 in "History of South Dakota" by Doane Robinson, Vol. I (1904)
  • THOMAS BARTON KYLE (b. 1865) of Ohio USA, Clergyman and Egyptologist.
  • JOHN JOHNSON KYLE (b. 1862) of Pennsylvania USA, physician, bacteriologist, and author.
  • JOSEPH KYLE American artist 1815-1863
  • MARY LUCY KYLE HARTSON (1865-1956). Mary Lucy Kyle Hartson, early woman mayor, was born on December 6, 1865, at Kyle, Texas, the daughter of Anna Elizabeth (Moore) and Fergus Kyle,qv for whom the town was named. As a seventy-two-year-old great-grandmother she was elected mayor of Kyle by a write-in vote in 1937. A picture of Mayor Mary Lucy Kyle Hartson appeared in the May 10, 1937, Life magazine, where she was written up as the only woman mayor in Texas at the time. From 1937 until 1941 and from 1944 until 1946 Mary Hartson was mayor, and along with the "all woman" city council elected in 1944 and made it into Ripley's Believe It or Not.
  • FREDRICK W. KEIL (b. 1869) of Indiana USA, educator, soldier, physician and author.
  • Catholic Bishop DR. KYLE (d. 1869) vicar-apostolic, Northern District, Scotland.
  • FREDRICK W. KEIL (latter nineteenth century) of Ohio USA, historian
  • EDWIN JACKSON KYLE (b. 1876 of Texas USA horticulturist and educator
  • The Lyndsay manuscripts were reproduced in color in 1878 and consisted of only 130 pages.  This was dedicated to mostly kings and Nobles including the arms of about 500 of the principal families including the Kyle's.
  • Founded in 1884, KYLE Insurance Brokers, is the oldest insurance brokerage in Ireland
  • ORVILE MERTON KILE (b. 1886) of Ohio and Washington D.C. USA agriculturist, economist, publicist and family historian.
  • U. S. Senator Thomas Henderson Kyle, from South Dakato (1891-1901
  • EMMA KYLE BURLESON, daughter of Postmaster General Albert Sidney Burleson, of Texas; did research paper on Kyle’s in 1911
  • SAMUEL KYLE, Trade Union official. Born 1884. Contested Belfast, Shankill in the 1918 United Kingdom general election as the candidate of the Labour Representative Committee. Member of Belfast City Council, A Northern Ireland Labor Party member, Sat for Belfast, North from the general election of 1925 until the general election of 1929, when he was defeated while contesting Belfast, Oldpark, Leader of the Northern Ireland Labour Party from 1925 to 1929. Died 1962.
  • EDWIN JACKSON KYLE (1876-1963). Son of confederate Captain and founder of Kyle Texas. In 1899 graduated with honors from the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas (later Texas A&M University). He was the only student ever to act as commandant at the college and the only one ever to be given a faculty seat. In 1901 he received a B.S. in agriculture. In 1902 he received an M.S. from Cornell University.. In 1902 he joined the Texas A&M staff as president of the Athletic Association; he resigned in 1911 to become dean of the School of Agriculture, a post he held until 1944. He was awarded an honorary doctorate in agriculture by the University of Arkansas in 1949. Most famous for being The Texas A&M dean for whom KYLE FIELD (football) was named. He was also appointed ambassador to Guatemala by President Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • Air Chief Marshal Sir WALLACE KYLE 1910-1988. Wallace Kyle was a Goldfields' boy, born in Kalgoorlie in 1910. He came to Perth to study at Guildford Grammar School. He attended the RAF College at Cranwell and joined the 17 Squadron RAF in 1930. He was a flying instructor from 1934 to 1939. From 1940 until 1945 he served in the Fleet Air Arm and in Bomber Command. During that time he commanded 139 Squadron in which Hughie Edwards, his predecessor as Governor, also served. Sir Wallace was awarded the CBE in 1945. Later, he attended Staff College and was appointed Aide de Camp to King George VI in 1949. He also served as Air Officer Commanding in Malaya in 1955 for two years, and as Vice Chief of Air Staff RAF from 1962 until 1965. He was knighted in 1960 and made Air Chief Marshal in 1964. He was promoted to Air Officer Commanding Bomber Command from 1965 to 1968. He succeeded Sir Hughie Edwards as Governor of Western Australia in 1975. Sir Wallace retired from his post in 1980 and then became president of the Fairbridge Society here and in the United Kingdom. He was awarded an honorary Doctorate in Literature from the University of Western Australia. Sir Wallace died in 1988.



  • House Representative BRUCE KYLE Florida 2004
  • MAEVE KYLE becomes the first woman to represent Ireland in the Olympics (1956, 100 m and 200 m)
  • The KYLE Family composers and singers southern gospel, inspirational and county 
  • KRISTEN KYLE Contemporary author
  • JAMIE KYLE song writer and performer
  • PAUL KYLE musician
  • GUNTHER KEIL of New York, USA author, editor and translator
  • BARBARA KYLE Author 
  • ELIZABETH KYLE Visionary Art
  • RICHARD KYLE Arizona State Representative through 1998
  • REGINA M. J. KYLE artist and owner of KYLE Studio
  • D.Caroline Coile,Ph.D, authorPit Bulls for DUMMIES and A fascinating article about "Petey" of "Little Rascals," fame and "Stubby." Who was decorated by General Pershing, awarded the rank of honorary sergeant, and received by three Presidents as a National Hero. A World War 1 hero. The mascot of the 102nd infantry. A real battle veteran. Led more parades than any dog in the history of this country.
  • ELIZABETH KYLE CAMPBELL, English language educator,Who's Who of American Educators


Places & Things

  • Today in Northwest Scotland, there is a town called "Kyle of Lochalsh"  and you can stay at the Kyle Hotel
  • A local stream in the Kyle District is called KYLL
  • A level walk from Tighnabruaich along the shores of the Kyles of Bute and Loch Riddon. The section between Caladh and Craig Lodge can be very overgrown.
  • Hurricane KYLE September 20 to October 12 2002
  • Kyle is the 1,523rd most popular last name (surname) in the United States; frequency is 0.008%; percentile is 48.548
  • Kyle is the 1,588th most popular female first name in the United States; frequency is 0.004%; percentile is 85.152
  • Kyle is the 126th most popular male first name in the United States; frequency is 0.160%; percentile is 64.090
  • Kyle, Georgia, United States is in Fannin County; location is 34 57'25"N 84 21'25"W
  • Kyle, Idaho, United States is in Shoshone County; location is 47 19'41"N 115 45'24"W
  • Kyle, Indiana, United States is in Dearborn County; location is 39 8'18"N 84 59'18"W
  • Kyle, Missouri, United States is in Buchanan County; location is 39 41'11"N 94 49'56"W
  • Kyle, Nevada, United States is in Lincoln County; location is 37 18'52"N 114 29'23"W
  • Kyle, North Carolina, United States is in Macon County; location is 35 13'16"N 83 36'56"W; elevation is 3,216 feet
  • Kyle, South Dakota, United States [ is in Shannon County; location is 43 25'30"N 102 10'34"W ; land area is 1.94 square miles (1,241 acres);
  •  Named for the late Senator James H. Kyle (1891-1901) of South Dakota.
  • Kyle, South Dakota, United States Postal Service Zip Code is 57752
  • Kyle, Texas, United States is in Hays County; location is 29 59'20"N 97 52'37"W area is 3.28 square miles (2,102 acres); water area is 0.03 square miles (18 acres);Zip Code is 78640 City of KYLE TEXAS
  • Kyle, West Virginia, United States is in McDowell County; location is 37 24'29"N 81 25'33"W
  • COYLTON (KYLE TOWN) located between Rivers Irvine and Doon,  by the water of COYLE (Kyle), found in County Ayr
  • KYLE RANCH, tack stable, and breeding supplies horsemen use at the ranch, the training arena, and in the show pen
  • "KYLE HILL", Otama 3RD, Gore, Southland, New Zealand for Scottish Highland Cattle Stud
  • Camp Kyle Profile of this facility from  Regional: North America: United States: Government: Military: Army: Installations: one of the forty-two US military camps north of Seoul
  • Clan Kyle, a household based in the East Kingdom of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.
  • Kyle-Oakley Airfield, Murray KY
  • Kyle of Tongue, Sutherland, Scotland
  • Kyle of Duness, Sutherland, Scotland




                                                                                   Kyle of Tongue


I would like to take this time to share my story about my father who qualifies for a "notable Kyle".   Verne Oswalt Kyle was born in Pavonia, Ohio February 11, 1911.  His parents were Ralph and Lula Oswalt Kyle. 

In 1948 Verne who had worked for Tappan Stoves was transferred to Murray, Kentucky to supervise a new division of the Tappan Stove Company that was built in Murray after the war to build electric stoves and to give jobs to returning veterans.   Verne took the job for all it was worth, and soon was promoted to General Manager.  Being very civic minded he embraced the town of Murray and truly fell in love with the town and the people.  He worked hard for many things that were needed to bring Murray up to date.  One of the things missing was convenient transportation and the establishment of local airport became his goal.  This was accomplished, but before he could see the results and enjoy the benefits, he died following emergency gallbladder surgery at the very young age of 50.  It was a tragedy and took me many years to accept this.  This man was my mentor and my strength.   However, just a few months after his death, the airport was named after him and today is a thriving airport with regular traffic in and out.  His portrait hangs in the lobby and the tales about him are passed down to this day.  During the hour of his funeral the entire town shut down and stood outsides their businesses as dad left his church for the last time to be buried.  I will never forget that day.  

My mother remained in Murray after my dad's death and did her part to carry on in my father's name with many civic activities and volunteer work at the hospital , and just died  April 4 of this years just one week before her 91 birthday.   I, myself, moved back to Murray just 5 years ago marrying and leaving home some 45 years ago.   I love the town and the people and love to hear all the stories about how my dad's influence has made Murray what it is today - a thriving, growing town that attracts good companies that provide good jobs so people can live comfortably.  I am so proud of my parents and my Kyle heritage. 

Sondra Kyle Kader DOB:  5-1-38



Sat, 10 Dec 2005
I just found your Kyle Family Society page and noted the part about "Notable Kyles"  I thought that I might add my great grand father Patrick Kyle who was awarded the Medal of Honor ( Congressional Medal Of Honor). He was from Sligo, Ireland and settled in Boston, Ma.  I would say that he was a Notable Kyle!
Take care
Mary Lou Dewar



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